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Considerations for when “New is Better”

Investing in a copy machine for an office or department can be a tedious task – but an important one.  One should spend time reviewing the pros and cons of owning/leasing a new vs. a refurbished machine. But here are several key reasons to consider a new machine (note, there are also key reasons to consider a refurbished one too, but that’s in another blog entry!):

  1. Longevity: A new machine will have a longer life if you are trying to hold onto this copier for awhile or if you decide to purchase the machine out right or at lease end.
  2. Quality: New machines are usually going to have the highest quality prints and copies.  If you are producing output that needs a guarantee of quality at the highest level, then a new machine is recommended.
  3. Volume: If your department is producing at volumes that require an extremely large machine, then a new one can handle that volume better.
  4. Speed: Newer machines tend to produce at the highest available speeds if that is important to you. Simply put, they have the latest technology to their advantage.
  5. Options: Lastly, many accessories are only available on the new machines like heavy duty finishers, booklet makers, larger capacity trays, or any special need that your department or office would like the copier to handle.

There are many decisions that go into leasing a copier such as speed, quality, size, and capabilities.  In the market today, a decision also has to be made on whether your situation is best fit for a new or refurbished machine.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both and it is important to make sure the machine fits your NEED (not what you think your department wants).