Richard Helmey
Head Guru

Mr. Helmey purchased Campus Document Systems in 2002. Prior to the acquisition, Mr. Helmey co-founded Selling Solutions Group, a sales consulting and marketing services firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Prior to founding Selling Solutions Group, Mr. Helmey was Vice President, General Manager of Minute Maid Foodservice, a $300 million division of Coca-Cola Foods.  In this position, Mr. Helmey managed field sales, national account sales, marketing, customer service, finance and manufacturing.  During the 8 years he served in this position, he restructured the business to create a fully functional SBU, grew volume at a compound rate of 13% and doubled operating profit. Mr. Helmey has served as Vice President of Sales and Distribution for Minute Maid Foodservice.  In addition, he has also held the position of Vice President, General Manager, Foodservice Products Group for Philip Morris’ Seven-Up Company unit.  While at The Seven-Up Company, Mr. Helmey progressed through the organization beginning as a field sales trainee and including various marketing positions to Director of Marketing. Mr. Helmey is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and resides in Katy, Texas with his wife, Janis.

Tom Lane
Y2K Problem Solver

Tom Lane brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the University Copy Center and all customers he serves. His extensive experience and knowledge in the Houston print and copy industry has earned him a reputation of being a problem solver and adaptive thinker that has proven to be both effective and innovative. Tom began his career as a computer programmer and quickly advanced to the senior management level with well known companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area such as Haggar Apparel and Pier One Imports. From there he jumped into the consulting business where he saved the world from Y2K. After that digital accomplishment the only challenge left was solving the problems of the printing and copying world. Arriving on the scene in 2004 he has supported his clients in all their print, copy and campus document management strategies. His adventures at the University Copy Center have established key relationships with many of the local suppliers necessary to benefit Tom’s customers in cost and time saving solutions. Tom is patiently awaiting the year 3000 where he can save the world from related Y3K next-generation digital printing and copier problems.

Sean de Luna
Hyper Marketing Guy

Sean de Luna is a veteran marketer with experience in both consumer and business-to-business marketing. He brings a keen eye to the “edginess” of print, copying and document services. That is, he likes to keep up with the NEXT. As in, what’s next with e-books? Online education? Digital print management? What does the green movement do for printing and copying? And how do all of these impact our customers? With a career spent in ad agencies and engaging print services from the customer perspective, Sean has finally turned the corner and gets to experience the business from the “partner-vendor” side. Within the ad agency environment, Sean brought success for clients such as BEHR Paint, United States Gypsum, MacGregor Golf, Corporate Express Office Supplies, Permatex, as well as marketing programs for both a start-up safari company in Botswana (pro bono) and local chapters of international non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity. As if cycling across Africa wasn’t enough of a challenge…now he gets to shake the University Copy Center growth tree and build the brand from the inside.


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