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Utilize Your Space For Branding

Perforated window vinyl was originally designed to create ad space on vehicle windows.  The material would allow occupants to see out while utilizing the entire vehicle for advertising.   However, using the same application, ANY window can be used for branding and communication.  Perforated vinyl can be printed and applied and turn any window into an opportunity to spread your brand or message.  The perforated vinyl will allow your windows to clearly display your message while still allowing the people inside to see out.  This process can also serve as window tint which reduces unwanted light and heat.  Perforated window vinyl allows you to draw in customers and communicate your message by utilizing the space you already have.  Printing  on the vinyl material is as easy as printing a poster.   Contact the University Copy Center today for more information on this exciting new method of communication.


Hammer Time

We were at a meeting yesterday where many University services/departments gathered to share what’s in store for the Holiday season. The outcome of the meeting, besides key departmental updates, were new ways to look at problems and solving communications challenges to the end user (the students). It’s a wonderful moment when we look beyond our on toolbox and start sharing. Which brings me to a great post by Seth Godin: “The best way to find the right tool for the job is to learn to be good at switching hammers.” (or in yesterday’s case, “sharing” our mental hammers)

Activating the Cougar Card

A commercial for activating the Cougar Card brought to you by University Services. Check out their website for a bunch of  tips and resources. Or visit their YouTube Channel to see all their helpful videos on parking at the ERP and the UH East Parking Garage.

-Sean de Luna