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Optimizing common office programs for print output.

Printing from any design tool is easily accomplished if the printer has the same application, same version of the application (i.e. Release 1 vs Release 2) and is running on the same platform/operating system. (i.e. PC vs Mac or Windows 95 vs Windows Vista) Any discrepancies in any of the three above areas can cause problems when opening a native file for printing. To avoid things moving around on the document or missing fonts, the best thing to do is save your print file as a high resolution PDF. PDF stands for “Portable Digital Format”, and when saved in this format everything is frozen into place and fonts are irrelevant. It creates a WSIWIG situation when printing. (What You See Is What You Get). This ensures you get exactly what you send to the printer. There is a urban legend circulating the planet that a PDF degrades the quality of the final product. I can assure you this is an urban legend and has no substance as long as you specify High Resolution when you generate your PDF. The common preferred file format for printers of all nature is the PDF.

-Tom Lane


Typography gymnastics

Cool tool we found for use on your blogs, avatar, or websites. I Wordled together this text cloud from a variety of bits. Enjoy.