Bringing the outside in: How UHD Sports & Fitness increased student participation

Among the UHD student body there was a lack of awareness about all the club sports, intramural activities, and the outdoor programs Sports & Fitness offered outside of their campus facility.

The Sports & Fitness department decided to utilize a dormant area of their facility to promote their external programs: the main stairwell. The stairwells served as the key thoroughfare for students to access each floor of the 30,000 sq. ft. Jesse H. Jones Student Life Center. All students would use it as they went to the gymnasium, studios, fitness center, horseshoe pit, lockers, showers or personal training offices. As students passed through the stairwells they were exposed to stunning images of the activities and programs offered by the Sports & Fitness department that took place outside of the building. The imagery was housed on 30”x40” posters placed in large frames. The University Copy Center at UHD assisted in printing, frame logistics and set-up. To keep the students engaged in the images, the posters would be replaced and “refreshed” frequently.

The Sports and Fitness department has seen an increase in student inquiries of the external programs. Student awareness of the club sports, intramural activities, and outdoor programs Sports & Fitness offers outside of their campus facility has also improved. The University Copy Center continues to facilitate the digital photo file prep and printing of the new posters to help the Sports and Fitness department keep the students aware of the new programs offered.


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