Getting yourself out of that jam

Copiers, they jam.  It’s a fact of life. However, there a few steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of a jam occurring.

  • Always be sure to remove any paperclips or staples from the papers to be copied.
  • The better the condition of your originals, the less likely they will be to get jammed in the document feeder.
  • Make sure the paper in the paper tray is stacked properly. This helps ensure a smooth trip through the machine’s paper path.
  • Always be sure to use the correct size paper. Some paper trays have a designated size and trying to use a different size will result in jams.

Unfortunately, as stated above, the machine will still jam from time to time. However, this is no reason to panic. Most machines will have a diagram on the LCD panel that can help you locate and clear the jam.

There is also a card located on the inside of the front panel that has diagrams for all possible jams. As shown here, it has a diagram of the machine itself and also the locations marked for each letter and number combination.

The sections that are moved, turned, pulled, etc. to clear the jam are usually designated by a color that is different from the rest of the machine. Here, a light blue is used to show the various knobs, levers, etc.

Good luck, or call us if you need any help: 713-718-5885.

Melissa Turpin


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