Customer Experience #174: Saying “yes” to the almost “impossible”

If you’re willing to work hard and take initiative their really isn’t any “no” in our vocabulary.  In fact, that’s how I gained one my best customers, Ms. Wright. She called me on my way home one Friday evening needing 1,000 stickers for Monday morning at 8:00am. She had a great idea for a fun sticker that she would give to her Convention Attendees. After she described the specifications of the job, I was able to get in touch with my Full Service Copy/Print Production Manager. This employee routinely encounters last minute projects during the week in our on-campus production facility so he was not at all surprised when I called him after hours. After a short briefing we decided to meet at the Copy Center on Saturday morning. We designed the sticker layout and printed them in full color completing the project by 11:00am Saturday morning. We met Ms. Wright, Monday morning with her stickers well before her 8:00am deadline. Boy was she happy. The best part was when I let her know Saturday morning that her stickers were complete and she didn’t have worry and could enjoy the rest of her weekend. [Reality check: Now, for the hundreds of customers that we’ve pleased, I am sure there are a few tarnished customer experiences out there. If you’re one of those unfortunate few, please shoot me a note ( I want to hear all about it, and make sure we make things right –for our future customers, and if possible you too.]

-Roddy Chambless

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