Utilize Your Space For Branding

Perforated window vinyl was originally designed to create ad space on vehicle windows.  The material would allow occupants to see out while utilizing the entire vehicle for advertising.   However, using the same application, ANY window can be used for branding and communication.  Perforated vinyl can be printed and applied and turn any window into an opportunity to spread your brand or message.  The perforated vinyl will allow your windows to clearly display your message while still allowing the people inside to see out.  This process can also serve as window tint which reduces unwanted light and heat.  Perforated window vinyl allows you to draw in customers and communicate your message by utilizing the space you already have.  Printing  on the vinyl material is as easy as printing a poster.   Contact the University Copy Center today for more information on this exciting new method of communication.


Optimizing common office programs for print output.

Printing from any design tool is easily accomplished if the printer has the same application, same version of the application (i.e. Release 1 vs Release 2) and is running on the same platform/operating system. (i.e. PC vs Mac or Windows 95 vs Windows Vista) Any discrepancies in any of the three above areas can cause problems when opening a native file for printing. To avoid things moving around on the document or missing fonts, the best thing to do is save your print file as a high resolution PDF. PDF stands for “Portable Digital Format”, and when saved in this format everything is frozen into place and fonts are irrelevant. It creates a WSIWIG situation when printing. (What You See Is What You Get). This ensures you get exactly what you send to the printer. There is a urban legend circulating the planet that a PDF degrades the quality of the final product. I can assure you this is an urban legend and has no substance as long as you specify High Resolution when you generate your PDF. The common preferred file format for printers of all nature is the PDF.

-Tom Lane

Tips to reduce printing costs

We came across a blog article we thought could save you some money. Instead of recreating the wheel and developing a post ourselves, here’s the link: READ THE POST

Bringing the outside in: How UHD Sports & Fitness increased student participation

From time to time, we’ll share some case studies on how we’ve helped our clients. Recently we’ve done some work for the University of Houston—Downtown’s Jesse H. Jones Student Life Center. The Assistant Director came to us to explore ways she could increase awareness of all the club sports, intramural activities, and the outdoor programs Sports & Fitness offered outside of their campus facility. Click here to find out how we helped.


Considerations for when “New is Better”

Investing in a copy machine for an office or department can be a tedious task – but an important one.  One should spend time reviewing the pros and cons of owning/leasing a new vs. a refurbished machine. But here are several key reasons to consider a new machine (note, there are also key reasons to consider a refurbished one too, but that’s in another blog entry!):

  1. Longevity: A new machine will have a longer life if you are trying to hold onto this copier for awhile or if you decide to purchase the machine out right or at lease end.
  2. Quality: New machines are usually going to have the highest quality prints and copies.  If you are producing output that needs a guarantee of quality at the highest level, then a new machine is recommended.
  3. Volume: If your department is producing at volumes that require an extremely large machine, then a new one can handle that volume better.
  4. Speed: Newer machines tend to produce at the highest available speeds if that is important to you. Simply put, they have the latest technology to their advantage.
  5. Options: Lastly, many accessories are only available on the new machines like heavy duty finishers, booklet makers, larger capacity trays, or any special need that your department or office would like the copier to handle.

There are many decisions that go into leasing a copier such as speed, quality, size, and capabilities.  In the market today, a decision also has to be made on whether your situation is best fit for a new or refurbished machine.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both and it is important to make sure the machine fits your NEED (not what you think your department wants).


Green UH Commuter Fair

Next week is the University of Houston’s Green Commuter Fair. Even if you’re not the green-type, or an Ebenezer Scrooge of green practices, you should still go. Why? Well if you are a full-time UH student, you can get discounted metro QCards. Who knows, there may even be a green seed in you body that could hatch at the event. For more information visit www.uh.edu/parking, or follow them on Twitter.

Are you E-reader ready?

E-readers are all the rage. Pretty soon, they’ll hit the coursepack format we supply to our academic audience (hint: we’re in the beta phase of testing our e-coursepack and it’ll be offered to professors and students soon). For now, here’s an interesting site worth checking out. Best-eReaders.com features reviews, ratings, product descriptions, and video demos for many of the e-readers on the market.